About Us

Our Team is the product of collaboration between Panicc Softworks and EmergencyHelp. We formed a strong union in order to participate to the EUvsVirus Hackathon 2020.

Being employees ourselves in the field of health and technology services we noticed serious problems that occurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Health System malfunction, the easy and fast transmission of COVID-19, the late and, lots of time, invalid diagnosis of COVID-19, the inclusion of the healthy population in their homes, the lack of direct communication with medical staff especially of the vulnerable groups from their home, the difficulty of transportation and the lack of intensive monitoring and evaluation of chronic diseases are among the main problems that we evaluated and tried to give a solution.

In a short time we have been able to connect technology with Medical Services for emergency management and treatment, due to COVID-19. We have managed to simplify the process by which the user can communicate with the healthcare provider through the platform, so that it is easy and simple even for the older ages who lack technological knowledge. We have adapted the International Protocols to our application, so that they are integrated structured designs that facilitate the shaping of the final image of the user. Continuous distinctions such as Hacking Health 2019, MIT medicine 2019 and HackCorona Greece led to collaborations with private medical service companies, as well as with a well-known multinational Travel Insurance Company.

Through this application we have cultivated a sense of solidarity, support and mutual aid to people who need it. Through the humanitarian crisis that is going on all over the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a structured system that can interact and offer Teleconferencing - Help Services from Health Providers of all specialties, thus contributing to the effort to reduce its spread. Intensive monitoring and evaluation of chronic sufferers and protection of vulnerable groups. It made us wiser about the needs and shortcomings of the health system in our country and the ways needed to develop and create an ecosystem to prevent, diagnose, treat, monitor and manage health and lifestyle.

Our service has been launched in collaboration with an insurance agency on a sample of 80,000 people. The need for developers and structures such as servers is one of the immediate needs. The financial support from organizations for its expansion in other countries and of course the participation of telephony providers and government agencies for the immediate notification of the entire population are also very important.